Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. But it's not until the last 7 years I started focusing on weights, I use to do hours and hours of cardio thinking that will make me fit but my body got use to it and stopped burning the calories off. Once I started to see a change my body from the weights I was hooked. So keep at and once you see those results you will be obsessed with it.



Shoulders and chest is my favourite day, and monday is not. So I always love doing shoulders and chest on Monday to make my day a little bit brighter. I always finish with push-ups to burn out and really get that Monday going.


Leg Day

Leg day is my least favorite day... I know i'm weird. I usually start my leg day with heavy weights for a few sets, and than do a glute focused super set burnout at the end to really get the booty popping.


Back Day

I also love back day, I usually use a lot of machines for this day as I find the really get areas of my back I need to work on. For biceps i do lots of free weights and some machines.



I do abs everyday at home, but usually on Thursday I will go to the gym and do some weighted ab exercises to really feel the burn. I like to finish this day off with the stair master for 20 mins.


Glute Day

I usually do this day at home. I love doing home workouts as it makes me not get bored of the gym. I usually do lots of bands workouts with lots of reps and super set with light weight excerises.


Hiking/HIIT Cardio

I LOVE hiking with my dogs, it gets me out of the gym and on an adventure. But if the weather isn't that great out I love to do HIIT cardio at the gym for 20mins.


Rest Day

On rest days, I usually sleep in and take some time to rest my body for the week head, but I usually always try and go for a walk or move my body a bit. But do what's best for you and your body!

My Mindset On Lifting Weights

I always thought lifting heavy weights would make you look "BIG" and masculine. I always enjoyed doing cardio and never really had a interest in doing weights or learning about them. Until I got sick with meningitis and lost the ability to walk and was in a wheelchair for a few months. Here is where I had to start doing weight and building my legs muscle back and learn to walk again. I learned that doing weights keeps your body strong and your mind healthy. I suffer from anxiety and depression as a side effect from being sick; I wound once I started going to the gym regular and started to see a change in my body my mood got better and I was feeling healthier. I know going for the first time can be tough but i'm here to support you and your journey to a happy healthier body and mind.

Cardio Vs Weights

Don't get me wrong I LOVE cardio and going for hikes it's on of my favorite stress relievers. But I was going so often that my body was getting use to it and I wasn't burning fat like I was when I was doing weights. Lifting weights is amazing for giving you definition and working certain areas on your body, where as cardio doesn't really do that for you. Although a cardio workout can burn more calories than a weight-training workout. However, your metabolism may stay elevated for longer after weights than cardio. Thus helping boost your metabolism.


I try an engage my core in every exercise I do, from shoulder press to squats. I never use to do abs in my workouts, but now I try and incorporate it in all my workouts as I finally saw a difference in my stomach once I started adding in extra abs. With that being said everybody body is different and some people have AMAZING genetics and don't need to always do abs. But for me I defiantly try and do at least 5 minutes of abs a day.


Give enough time for muscles to heal between training sessions (ie. Do not train legs two days in a row)

WRITE IT DOWN & Hold yourself accountable. 

Be realistic. Give yourself enough rest days, and schedule workouts that you will actually enjoy and do.

Plan active rest days- days where you will still move your body, but for enjoyment rather than for gains. (ie. bike ride, sports game, etc)

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